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A collet is a type of workholding device consisting of a slotted sleeve that forms a collar around or inside a cylindrical workpiece. Together with a matching tapered sleeve, the collet provides a uniform clamping force on the workpiece when tightened. Custom Collets are available for clamping on outside diameters, inside diameters, or to accommodate non-cylindrical shapes.

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Discover the Advantages of Collets

A single collet works well for a limited diameter range. A collet can be custom designed specific to a particular workpiece or a set of collets can be obtained to cover a range of workpieces of different diameters. While the range of a single collet is limited, collets offer the following advantages:

  1. The workpiece load and unload times are very short
  2. The workpiece is self-centering
  3. The workpiece is held with a strong, uniform clamping force
  4. The workpiece is safely and securely held in position
  5. The workpiece can be machined to a relatively high level of accuracy

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Fast Collets

DREWCO offers custom designed and manufactured collets with the shortest standard lead times in the industry. In addition, DREWCO offers rush or express lead times for you to get custom collets delivered in as low as one week. This capability led to the creation of a product line named Fast Collets.

Fast Collets are available with the following parameters:

  1. 1/2” to 6” in diameter
  2. Build to print (ready to issue)
  3. Single or double taper
  4. OD or ID
  5. Sealed or unsealed

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Short Lead Times

While many other collet and collet chuck manufacturers take 8 to 10 weeks to deliver a new or replacement collet, DREWCO has found a better, faster way. We’ve set up our entire operation, from engineering, to machining, to office support to give you the one thing you need: Top quality custom collets, at a competitive price, with incredibly short lead times. We guarantee on time delivery or a penalty rebate is provided.

We examined all the processes involved in collet design and manufacturing from order entry to order fulfillment. We then reengineered our processes using Theory of Constraints methods to guarantee lasting, repeatable, short delivery times. And now the short lead time concept perfected for Fast Collets has been extended to our complete range of workholding devices.

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DREWCO: An Industry Leader in Manufacturing Collets

DREWCO collet design expertise is unsurpassed. We have been designing and building collets for over 60 years. Our very experienced staff of engineers, designers, and production associates provide you with a new design and/or a modified design for your existing collets and other workholding devices.

Many companies call us to help them modify their existing collet and other workholding device designs to improve performance, reduce breakage, and increase speed, thus reducing their costs and recovering our fees within a few months or even weeks of using our modified products.

DREWCO can replace collets originally manufactured by virtually anyone and deliver the quality and speed that you need to run a profitable machining operation.

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