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A collet chuck is a workholding device consisting of two integrated pieces. The chuck can be attached to or be apart of the machine spindle and in either case provides a tapered receiving sleeve for the collet. The collet portion is a clearance fit slotted collar that is activated against a tapered sleeve and tightened around the workpiece.

Sometimes the terms collet and chuck are used interchangeably to mean the same thing or as a ‘short cut’ instead of saying collet chuck. But a custom chuck and collet only work as a unit and as there are other types of chucks; it is more accurate to refer to this type of workholding device as a collet chuck. The workholding system is a chuck, but the element in contact with the workpiece in this case is a collet and depending on the design, the collet inserts into the chuck that may be part of the machine spindle.

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Discover the Advantages of Collet Chucks

Each collet used in a collet chuck generally has only a narrow clamping range. That means a number of collets are required to hold a given range of workpieces in the chuck unlike some types of chucks that cover a wide range of workpiece sizes. This makes a specific collet chuck best suited for repetitive part production for a narrow range of workpiece diameters. But collet chucks can be used for machining operations requiring frequent changes in workpiece size with a manageable set-up change-over time. A collet chuck’s advantage over other chuck systems is that it combines the following traits into one chuck: which are desirable for repetitive part production:

  1. The workpiece load and unload times are very short
  2. The workpiece is self-centering
  3. The workpiece is held with a strong, uniform clamping force
  4. The workpiece is safely and securely held in position
  5. The workpiece can be machined to a relatively high level of accuracy

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Collet Chucks

There are numerous collet designs used in collet chucks. There are some de facto standard designs, like the 5C or the R8 and many proprietary designs that only fit a manufacturer’s unique chuck design. DREWCO speicalizes in supplying custom collet chucks for any workholding need for workpieces up to six inches in diameter. By far the most common type of collet is for cylindrical workpieces, but there are custom collets for other workpiece cross-sectional shapes. Collets can clamp on the outside diameter of the workpiece or on the inside diameter for machining the outside of the workpiece. Special purpose collets can also be designed to hold about any unusual workpiece shape.

Short Lead Times

While many other collet and collet chuck manufacturers take 8 to 10 weeks to deliver a new or replacement collet, DREWCO has found a better, faster way. We’ve set up our entire operation, from engineering, to machining, to office support to give you the one thing you need: Top quality custom collets, at a competitive price, with shorter lead times.

We examined all the processes involved in collet design and manufacturing from order entry to order fulfillment. We then reengineered our processes using Theory of Constraints methods to guarantee lasting, repeatable, short delivery times. And now the short lead time concept perfected for Fast Collets has been extended to our complete range of workholding devices.

DREWCO: An Industry Leader in Manufacturing Collet Chucks

DREWCO has designed and manufactured custom collets for collet chucks for 65+ years and has seen it all. Our collet chuck capabilities and expertise is the best you will find. Bring us your collet chuck problems and challenges and we will take care of them and all of your workholding needs.

DREWCO can provide replacement collet chucks regardless of the original manufacturer or offer improved designs for existing workholding jobs or new designs for your new projects. And we provide custom collet chucks with the shortest lead times in the industry. That is why we say, DREWCO Delivers.

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